The Empowered Empath


A powerful 2-day exploration into the world of being an Empath. Master your super power and make it work for you!

November 10-11, 2018 – 9am-6:30pm both days

Location: Candlewood Suites Meridian

1855 S. Silverstone Way, Meridian, ID 83642

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Do you become easily overwhelmed by large crowds or hectic activities? Do you struggle with discerning your own emotions from others? Do you experience unexplained fatigue, body aches, and/or sharp pains when you are around certain people? You might be an Empath. Now that you know, the next step is to learn how to master being one.

In this 2-day intensive workshop we’ll be visiting all the beauty, pitfalls, and nuances of being an Empath. Step by step we’ll delve into the multiple layers of being a gifted, sensitive being from the ground up. Being an Empath shouldn’t feel like a curse. it’s actually a SUPER POWER!

Over the two days we’ll discuss various tools and techniques to keep your energy clear, exercises to strengthen your inner trust and intuition, and even touch on proactive measures for dealing with psychic attacks and negative energies. Anything and everything you need to know to have your gift work FOR you….not work you.

Some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • The difference between an Empath and a Highly Sensitive Person
  • The relationships with sociopaths, psychopaths, and narcissists
  • Personality traits and pitfalls
  • Conscious exercises to build self awareness
  • How to distinguish your energy from everyone else
  • The shadow side of being an Empath
  • Triggers and trauma people
  • Protection from psychic attacks
  • Mastering healthy boundaries
  • Protecting the Sacred Self
  • Healing your relationship with Trust
  • Finding your No
  • Various clearing techniques
  • Playing with vibration
  • Strengthening your intuition and psychic gifts
  • Spiritual Hygiene for Empaths
  • Troubleshooting symptoms & ailments

Your registration includes:

  • Empowered Empath Workbook
  • Any materials needed for exercises
  • Breakfast each morning
  • *Breakfast begins at 8:15am (coffee, fruit, pastries)
    *Please arrive by 8:45 both days
    *We’ll begin promptly at 9:00am
    *Lunch will be approx. at 12:30, we’ll reconvene at 2:00pm
    *We’ll end our day at approx. 6:30pm


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