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Welcome to a world where all you seek is already within you. Where tools are offered, support is given, and knowing who you truly are is your best super power! I’m so honored you have found your way here!

Though my work is eclectic, the intention is unified: To be the space for you to remember who you truly be! It takes a brave soul to explore the shadows and to reclaim the authentic self. But know this, you do not need to do it alone. I will walk with you through the fires of your transformation. Hand in hand, healing the wounds you have carried for years. Out through the other side, stronger and whole. This is my commitment to you.

All of who I am, all that I stand for, is to simply support you in being the person you came here to be. Just as you are, beautiful mess and all! You are safe. You are heard. You are seen.


“I have grown so much with her coaching and enjoy the galleries but I am so truly grateful to have had an opportunity to experience the Intuition By Design workshop this weekend. It was divine in every way. I feel so much more confident in myself and abilities. Morrighan has that one of kind touch to allow a powerful transformation to happen especially if you show up to do the work. It was so much fun and got to connect with an amazing group of people!!



“Boy, what an amazing weekend. I highly recommend this (Intuition by Design) to anyone wanting to learn, explore, or delve into your own unique gifts. Morrighan has a unique way of helping others figure out what this intuition thing is all about. I discovered so much about myself and my gifts that it was crazy. I can’t wait for her return to the Boise area so I can continue with this learning path. Just an excellent weekend and class.


“Always honest and insightful. I never go in with specific questions; just ask what the universe thinks I need at that time and am always blown away at the relevancy of what Morrighan communicates. She is an amazing warrior of love and light. If you feel guided to let her be of service she will not disappoint you.”


“I contacted Morrighan because I am in a relationship that is so painful and I couldn’t go in any deeper or back out. Morrighan then led me very patiently through a process to face my fear. I wasn’t even aware of the fact that I have so much fear and she helped me to walk through and out of that fear.

Morrighan also helped me to see that it wasn’t him to be blamed, but my fear stands in the way of a relationship. I felt much lighter and much more free after talking to Morrighan. Thank you.



“Morrighan is truly beautiful both on the inside and out! I love her honesty and the fire she holds to be authentic…the day I chose to meet with her many years ago was one of the keys to my own growth. I will forever be grateful for her spirit and guidance.”


“My healing sessions with Morrighan have been pivotal moments in my life. She really helped me to understand and clarify what was holding me back. She was able to get at the heart of things and was not afraid to say what I needed to hear. She was direct, honest and not only gave me divine guidance but also practical advice on how to use the information in my daily life. I know Morrighan has a unique and beautiful gift and I have recommended her to multiple people in both my personal and professional life.



“Morrighan is a very talented and experienced teacher. Her no-nonsense approach and honest style are very refreshing. She brings you to a higher sense of learning about your abilities in a natural and easy way. Making the experience inviting and enlightening in an organized and fun way. Her classes and teachings are always loaded full with lots of awesome information!! And the discussions among the participants are always engaging and inspiring for all who participate. I have attended several of her classes and during them have gained wonderful and insightful knowledge bringing me into a completely different new and positive place with my intuition. I would highly recommend if you are considering her classes or coaching that you should commit to yourself to DO it now!”


“Morrighan helped me tremendously through a very tough time in my life. I was opening up to my gifts and did not know what to do or where to turn. I felt really alone. I found Morrighan at a health fair and after reading with her (and seeing that she was for real), I asked her to be my coach. It was well worth the money spent. The exercises she gave me to do were creative and they worked! I opened up even more and became a lot more grounded. And…it was really nice to have someone who could help explain what I was going through in a way I could understand. I feel very grateful to have found Morrighan to help me build a strong foundation upon which I could build. She was just the right person for me at a critical time in my development. She carries a beautiful light within her! Thanks, Morrighan!



“I enjoyed my Coaching Sessions with Morrighan Lynne. I was looking for assistance in reaching and expanding my comfort levels and my abilities. I always felt loved and safe and protected while we worked together. Morrighan was kind and caring but would hold me to the highest level of integrity while we worked. I knew that working with her provided me with a safe place to explore my fears and insecurities without judgment and the ability to look at the larger issues. I came out of the coaching with a much healthier sense of my boundaries and also of my personal power. I was able to tap into the magic that is uniquely me and allow that to shine. I felt like Morrighan was my biggest supporter and cheerleader. She cared about me. She could see the amazing person inside and helped guide that to the surface. She stood as a shining, loving, beautiful example for me. I am forever grateful for her kindness and loving guidance through the dark. A beautiful light to find myself.”


My experiences in Morrighan’s channeling sessions were both moving and enlightening. In many cases, the information I sought going in was by far the least of what I ended up receiving. Thankfully, there couldn’t have been a more safe and nurturing environment to have taken my first steps into this realm of guidance.”



Morrighan is amazing! She has helped me many times. She has done a few personal readings, done a reading/clearing on my house, and officiated my handfasting to my husband. I have also attended a rebirth ceremony with her. She is very professional when working with clients, always making sure to be as gentle with her readings as the client needs. I love working with Morrighan.

When I attended the rebirth ceremony with my husband, I was scared at first. It was my first time attending a ceremony like that. Knowing that I had a lot of things buried deep, I didn’t know what would be released. But when it was time, it was an amazing experience. There was so much love from everyone. I would love to have another opportunity like that again.

I strongly encourage anyone who has an opportunity to work with Morrighan to do so.”



“My daughter had some medical issues when she was 6 months old. Morrighan and I were having lunch one day. Not talking about anything special, when she looked up and said “OK, I will tell her”. She told me that my daughter did not think anything was wrong with her and she would be fine. I took that to heart and let what had to happen, happen. Hearing Morrighan say that was such a weight off my shoulders because I did not know if what I was doing was helping or hurting my daughter. My daughter is now a happy and healthy 13-year-old. She is beautiful, inside and out. Morrighan gave me the strength to just keep doing what I was doing. She told me everything would work out and it did. Thank you Morrighan and I love you very much!”



“The most inspiring and moving gallery I have ever experienced! Come with an open mind and heart and leave with a better understanding of yourself and the universe. Love love love! Morrighan is unique and leaves you forever changed, for the better.”



“My gallery experience with Morrighan was just amazing. Her intervention in my situation was not only immediately noticeable but incredibly powerful. The change for me was remarkable. She connects well with people. What you see is what you get from her. She made a definite positive impact on my daily life. I would recommend anyone who is considering going to a gallery like this, make a point to attend one of Morrighan’s. I will most certainly be visiting her future events.  The “Intuition by Design” workshop was just amazing. She connects well with people. What you see is what you get from her. Due to this workshop, I was able to realize the gifts I’ve been given and become comfortable with using them. I would recommend anyone who is interested in developing their intuition consider attending this workshop.”



Love, love, love Morrighan and Embrace Within! She is so amazingly talented! She’s just great all around! Her “Where Spirits Gather” Gallery was greatness!!! Looking forward to more from her and with her!!!



“Morrighan is a wonderful person who is truly gifted to guide, heal, and help others. She has spent most of her life in this service and it shows. The information you need to hear will be provided through your guides that she is able to tap into when you require it. We met through an instance like this, which was random, cathartic, and a life changer for me. Since then, we have become lovely friends and I highly recommend her to anyone who is searching. Her talents will amaze you both spiritually and physically. Her artistry is also stunning in jewelry making, photography, and mandala work and pretty much everything she touches. I am excited to participate in upcoming classes and group work she is leading in Houston.”


“Morrighan is going to give it to you straight. Be ready for her to rock your world when the things she says resonates to your core!”



“Morrighan was referred to me by my cousin. I called and talked to Morrighan over the phone to let her know my reasons for wanting to meet with her. We met in person and it became apparent to me that I am a person who needs to let go of things I can not control and live in the moment. I needed to allow myself to feel things, and speak my voice that I have kept quiet my entire life.

The changes I’ve made and how it has impacted my life are huge. I’ve opened my eyes and can see the future life I want for me as the future I thought I wanted, really was not for me. For years, I haven’t allowed myself to feel what I was feeling and voice what I was thinking inside. I continued to stuff my feelings and emotions downward by keeping quiet to shield myself from what I was feeling.

This experience with Morrighan and the tools she shared with me has given me the strength to free myself from closing my mind, and my heart. The doors I once closed in my life (because I would not allow myself to feel) are now open. By being free from this closure inside and guarding my true feelings, I am encouraged to see what my future holds.”



“I have listened to Morrighan on the radio for some time and she explains things in such a beautiful way, that several times, I have had light bulbs go off and I got it!

Morrighan also did an angel reading for me, which opened up doors to deepen my faith and my faith and confidence in myself! Morrighan has a very spiritual insight on helping one to understand and “get it”! She has awakened my awareness of myself and my spiritual journey to new heights. She truly is a very gifted person!



“Morrighan is a very gifted coach and working with her was life-changing for me. That is not an exaggeration; with her assistance, I have a completely new life and it just took a couple of months. I broke through blocks and barriers I had for years in just a few days because of Morrighan’s compassionate but honest advice, feedback, and direction. She does not let you hide or fall back into old patterns so you have no choice but to move forward if you do the work.

She gave me brand new information, new ways of looking at the information I thought I already knew, and a lot of tools to implement. And she does so in such a loving and supportive way even the tough realities are easy to acknowledge and work through. Plus, the sessions were fun!! Although there were some tears there was mostly laughter and joy in the process. I am eternally grateful to her for sharing her gifts in service to others and grateful to myself for having the courage to take full advantage of what she has to offer.

So, if you are in need of an intuitive coach I highly recommend her!! Or if you just want the occasional reading for guidance or support I can also recommend any of her other services too!! Love, love, love, Morrighan!



“I spent an amazing weekend with Morrighan and some amazing classmates, learning all about myself and intuition. I came away with such an appreciation for the bravery of others and for the person I am becoming. I highly recommend the Intuition by Design class!




It’s easy to fall into other people’s expectations of us, to play the roles that they have assigned to us, without even thinking about it. Suddenly one day we wake up and realize we are living our lives for everyone else. We have lost our passion, our true voice, and ourselves. Before we know it, we become someone else, a shadow of who we once were. What we crave is to be the person we came here to be. We want to remember who we were before life weighed us down with responsibilities and deadlines. If only we could have a breadcrumb trail to lead us back to ourselves.

The Spirited Human is just that! Filled with personal stories, comedic ah-ha’s, and practical spiritual teachings, The Spirited Human is the handbook for us all. Part instruction manual for being human and part road map for navigating the soul, Morrighan Lynne takes you on a journey back to your true self.

Walking between the worlds of spiritual and pragmatic, Morrighan invites you to see yourself with fresh eyes; to break down the illusions put into place to keep you living a small life. Combining her love for shadow work and straight-forward coaching, she offers step-by-step explanations and easy-to-follow illustrations that will have you inspired to step boldly into the direction that calls to your soul. With every turn of the page, you’ll remember the spirited being that you are.

You can find The Spirited Human on Amazon, Amazon UK, and Barnes & Noble websites.

If you would like an autographed copy contact me directly.

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