My Story

When I was a little girl, topics involving being psychic were taboo. Even though my whole family showed signs of having their own unique gifts, we didn’t openly discuss it with each other. We all just pretended it wasn’t there. So when I was seven years old and began feeling people around me but couldn’t see them, you can imagine how I handled it. I didn’t feel safe in my own home. The covers on my bed weren’t thick enough to comfort me at night for what stared at me while I slept. And I didn’t feel secure enough to ask for help. So I did what almost everyone does in that situation, I shut it down.

And we do that, right? When something is overwhelming, even fearful, we try to put it away in order to survive. When we are uncomfortable and don’t understand what’s happening to us we think it’s better to shove it all into the back of our proverbial closet and ignore it. Survival becomes our number one goal. But this is only a temporary fix because eventually, those well-kept secrets start coming out of the closet. They want to be acknowledged and will not stay hidden much longer.

That happened to me right around the time I turned 28. I started feeling things I couldn’t explain. I would hear voices, I would see lights in the corner of my eye. I remember once when my son was just weeks old I went into his room to get him out of his crib. I felt someone walk into the room behind me even though no one else was home. Smelling a waft of cigar smoke, I realized it was his great-uncle that had passed away just before my son’s birth. He had never gotten to see my son and I felt like he wanted to meet him. Yes, it scared me but I also knew we were safe.

When gifts decide to open there’s no stopping them. And it isn’t because something is wrong. It’s because it’s who we really are. It’s our natural blueprint coming online after being denied and ignored for so long. It came onto me so quickly I didn’t know what to do with it at first. I was afraid but curious. I resisted it but eventually just surrendered and fell into it with open arms.

With surrender, came guidance. With guidance, came the path of teachers, mentors, classes, and books that help mold my conviction. I devoured everything I could get my hands on. I began to realize that what I was, wasn’t scary at all. It wasn’t something “bad.” It was natural. It was my gift. And I wasn’t alone. There was comfort in knowing there were others like me. From that moment, as I accepted who I was, it was as if the floodgates opened and my intuition grew beyond what I thought was possible. I gave readings for fun and for practice. I started meditating and working with my Chakra System. I delved into pastlife regressions and the Akashic Records. I did anything and everything to help me understand who I was.

Then in 2006 I started my spiritual business, giving readings, working psychic fairs, and conducting classes on various spiritual topics. I was in love with my new life! I felt more myself than I ever had in the past. Finally it felt as if I was aligned with my true being and no longer hiding from it. Not everyone understood my decision. Some thought it was silly, even risky to step into that world. But I knew I was home.

Through the years I’ve come to realize that we are all gifted in our own special way. Each person has a unique style of intuition. And it is up to each individual to educate themselves, practice their gifts, and step into the trust of the process in order to claim their divine heritage. This path isn’t an easy one to walk. When you commit to your spiritual awakening it will take you on the ride of your life! But for me, there is no other option.

The overall result is something I’m truly proud of. I’m not your everyday psychic. I’m not overly “fluffy” and I won’t filter my guidance. I have made a commitment with Spirit: if they tell me, I tell you. I trust that if what I’m getting is for your highest good, then you are in the perfect place to receive it. Sometimes we don’t like hearing the truth. And yet, it’s the truth we are all seeking.

Trust that your guides and angels have your back. Know that they can see miles ahead of you and know exactly the steps you need to take to get you where you want to be. Release expectation, let go of your own need to be right, be willing to call yourself out on your own bullshit…and you might just be pleasantly surprised.

We don’t have to have all the answers. Sometimes it’s just about being willing to receive the guidance that gets us moving the right direction.