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The Spirited Human

I am so thrilled to present to you my maiden voyage into the world of writing! It has taken me over 6 years to complete this project and I couldn’t be more proud of the result! Here she is…


Back Cover Description:

It’s easy to fall into other people’s expectations of us, to play the roles that they have assigned to us, without even thinking about it. Suddenly one day we wake up and realize we are living our lives for everyone else. We have lost our passion, our true voice, and ourselves. Before we know it, we become someone else, a shadow of who we once were. What we crave is to be the person we came here to be. We want to remember who we were before life weighed us down with responsibilities and deadlines. If only we could have a breadcrumb trail to lead us back to ourselves.

The Spirited Human is just that! Filled with personal stories, comedic ah-ha’s, and practical spiritual teachings, The Spirited Human is the handbook for us all. Part instruction manual for being human and part road map for navigating the soul, Morrighan Lynne takes you on a journey back to your true self.

Walking between the worlds of spiritual and pragmatic, Morrighan invites you to see yourself with fresh eyes; to break down the illusions put into place to keep you living a small life. Combining her love for shadow work and straight-forward coaching, she offers step-by-step explanations and easy-to-follow illustrations that will have you inspired to step boldly into the direction that calls to your soul. With every turn of the page you’ll remember the spirited being that you are.


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