Intuition by Design – Dallas


A powerful, 2-day interactive exploration into your own unique style of intuition.

September 8-9 9am-6:30pm both days

Location:LaQuinta Inn & Suites

10001N Central Expressway, Dallas, TX 75231

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Intuition by Design – Dallas, TX – September 8-9, 2018

A powerful, interactive exploration into your own unique style of intuition. Designed to help you uncover what is blocking you from tapping into your natural born gifts. Whether you’re interested in creating your own psychic business or you’re looking to connect with your guides on a deeper level, this is where you belong.

We will spend an intensive 2-day’s filled with hands-on exercises, guided meditations, and plenty of shadow work so you can explore and discover all that you are.

You ARE intuitive. You were born with your beautiful gifts. They are not missing and there is no need to search the world for them. It is simply a matter of uncovering them. As you grew up, life did it’s best to push them down and hide them away so you could be “normal”. Now it’s time to remember.

Some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Basic tools to connect to your intuition
  • Different types of intuition
  • Basic steps to prepare and protect yourself
  • What’s stopping you…and let’s get past it
  • Your personal Guidance Team
  • Working with ancestors, totem animals, etc
  • Exploring and healing pastlife traumas
  • Divination Tools and how to use them
  • Keeping your tools clear and charged
  • Defense against the dark side
  • Spiritual Hygiene
  • Building a psychic business
  • Ethics of being a psychic

Your registration includes:

  • Intuition by Design Workbook
  • Any materials needed for exercises
  • Deck of Oracle Cards
  • Breakfast each morning

*Breakfast begins at 8:15am (coffee, fruit, pastries)
*Please arrive by 8:45 both days
*We’ll begin promptly at 9:00am
*Lunch will be approx. at 12:30, we’ll reconvene at 2:00pm
*We’ll end our day at approx. 6:30pm


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