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If you’re feeling guided to work with me but also feeling overwhelmed with where to start, start here. Below you will find a quick glimpse of all I offer.

Divine Guidance: One-on-one readings that connects to your guides and offers you direction, clarity, and support for your human and spiritual journey. This includes, but is not limited to, angelic guidance, chakra clearings, pastlife healing, spiritual hygiene, general guidance for making decisions in life, and dream interpretation. (Please note, Spiritual Quickie Readings are not appropriate for deep soul diving. Past lives, curse removal, shadow work, and other bigger conversations are reserved for longer blocks of time).

Sacred Space Clearing: Clear your home of unwanted energies that might be lingering around. Sometimes spirits are attached to the family, the home, or even the land. I’ll educate you and your family on healthy boundaries, calling for Divine assistance, and helping the spirits leave and go to where they rightly belong.

The Centered Soul Coaching: This offering focuses on the daily struggles of human life: cultivating healthy boundaries, finding your authentic voice, being centered within your own value and conviction, feeling empowered to take risks and try new adventures…and the list goes on. Together, we’ll go into the areas where you feel you need support and find powerful solutions to help you better navigate your world.

Sacred Unions: Weddings, Handfastings, Commitment Ceremonies, and any kind of gathering where two hearts become one. We’ll create the perfect ceremony for your new journey together.

If you know which service you would like to experience the menu below will allow you to schedule and purchase your appointment. If you are unsure which service would be the best route, schedule a complimentary consultation with me and let’s discuss your desires and goals, as well as uncovering the struggles that keep you feeling stuck.

Looking forward to working with you!